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Shanghai, China

Co-host: TEA Community

In November 2023, Digital FUN studio collaborated once again with TEA Community to host the Flare 2023 International New Media Arts Festival at Shanghai Film Center. This vibrant event converged at the intersection of technology and art, sparking the flames of inspiration. Encompassing seven major segments, the festival attracted collaborations among diverse artists, melding virtual reality to craft a digital wonderland, fostering an immersive experience at Shanghai Film Center.

Leveraging the distinctive multimedia spaces and cutting-edge audiovisual equipment at Shanghai Film Center, the event seamlessly fused the dual energies of technology and artistry. Within this captivating artistic realm, the festival ignited boundless imagination and emotional resonance among participants, embarking on a journey of exploration into the depths of the mind and soul.

Flare 2023 International New Media Art Festival

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