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We transfer the creativity to the outcome. It is an open space that gives play to any potential ideas. In the early stage of our experiments, we apply many hardware and software tests, mixed with visual and audio prototypes. Let’s enjoy, all the exploration is for fun.

Dance With Lidar

Noitom Motion Tracking

​Wide Range xR LED Stage

Unreal Engine Motion Graphics

Lidar Test

Skin Made Snake Avatar

 Forever Love

Flare 2021 AI Medusa Interactive Wechat Mini Program

Liquid Memory

Flare 2021 AI Medusa AR Interactive Program

Media Warfare

UE4 DMX Virtual Music Festival

Unreal Engine Noitom Motion Tracking

Pixotope Screen AR Experimentation

TouchDesigner Noitom Motion Tracking

Ink Sea - Optical Flow Experimental Test

Notch VFX With Kinect Device Input

Notch Camera Interaction

Unreal Engine 5 Metahuman Scan

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