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Anthem Zhou

Ashley Zhang

Dolce Wang

Frank Cong

Haiyu Zheng

Jason Xu

Jazzmyn Hong

Ken Chen

Lindsay Zhang

Lagom Cai


Michelle Lu

Sky Feng

Yi Wang

Ying Wu

Yiran Wang

Jean Liang

Zhongyi Gu

Zhongyuan Hu


Digital FUN is a digital media production studio based in China and Canada. Our international team merges art and design by advancing innovative interactive technologies.

We offers integrated solutions to help identify goals and bring your wildest ideas to life. Our digital creative services include strategy and design, multimedia performance, and interaction development.


We are a service minded team of artists, designers, and engineers focused on developing innovative interactive technologies.

Ruokun Chen

Founder & CEO

Jimmz Zhang

Co-Founder & COO

Hill Jiang

Executive Producer

Yu-Ching Su


Jason Zhu

Chief Technology Officer

Tingyu Chen

Visual Effects Supervisor

Kyle Liu

VFX Artist

George Yin

Art Director

Yifan Zhang

Production Manager

Zihao Ouyang

Director of Photography

Ran Chu

Senior Visual Strategist 

Shawn Wu

Production Coordinator

Kate Long

Graphic and Motion Designer

Loki Zhang

VFX Artist

Phyllis Su

Motion Designer

Joey Huang

Motion Designer

Leah Teng


Pipo Yuan

UX Designer


& Design

Digital FUN serves to visualize and realize your wildest creative concepts. We are experts at using cutting-edge technologies to design your custom experience.

Capability: motion graphics, visual effects, exhibition design, 2D/3D animation, stage VFX, 3D mapping



Digital FUN offers custom immersive environments that integrate all of the senses.


Capability: 3D projection, dome projection, immersive performance, multi-screen performance, stage playback systems, outdoor LED installation



Digital FUN offers interaction development utilizing the most advanced new media art technology to present fashion-forward interactive experiences.


Capability: real-time motion tracking, multi-platform interaction, interactive audio-visual installation, AR/ VR/MR experiences, artificial intelligence development


Digital FUN has produced the rarest experiences for clients, including auto, sports, video games, luxury brands, museums, and more.

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