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Beijing, China

Client: China Media Group

The 2024 CCTV Dragon Year Spring Festival Gala concluded perfectly on the night of February 9th, Chinese New Year's Eve. The creative folk show "别开生面" captivated the audience with its unique performance style.

Digital FUN had the privilege of providing cutting-edge real-time interactive stage technology and visual creation for this program, assisting director Zhang Yimou and various performance teams with a high standard and flexible professional approach. In this project, Digital FUN utilized TouchDesigner to produce interactive effects for the dancers, avoiding traditional green-screen techniques. Using pure visual algorithms, the system precisely calculated the performers' locations on stage, adding real-time interactive artistic effects that enhanced the performances of the dancers and noodle chefs, presenting a visual feast that showcased the rich diversity of Chinese culinary culture and conveyed auspicious meanings to the national audience.

"别开生面"— Spring Festival Gala Interactive Dance Performance

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