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Shanghai, China

Client: NBA China

On September 29, 2023, an immersive projection mapping show with NBA game as the theme, titled "Champion's Journey," opened grandly at Xujiahui Sports Park in Shanghai. The project occupied an area of over 1,000 square meters and utilized more than 100 industrial projectors. This event was the world's first large-scale immersive projection mapping performance presented by the NBA China and made its debut in Shanghai. It also marked the largest volume of visual content produced by Digital FUN studio to date, and the most extensive involvement in a sports-themed project.

The project included over 40 minutes of high-resolution rendering, divided into 5 chapters, with visual effects in the video. The visual design and sound production of famous NBA player cards were also part of the project. Despite strict schedule constraints, they managed to deliver a breathtaking immersive experience for the audience.

"NBA on show" can accommodate over 1,000 spectators daily and stands as one of the NBA's most significant cultural IPs in China.

NBA ON SHOW Exhibition

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