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Hainan, China

Client: DMG

"A vehicle of progress. An experience for the senses. The Audi A8 is poised to take over the executive class". Our client, Audi had a grand vision for their new luxury car A8L. The launch event of this new vehicle in China in April, 2018 was one of its most significant events globally that year.


Digital FUN successfully presented an incredibly immersive and interactive performance in co-operation with DMG Entertainment and Super Bonfire on this launch event in Sanya, Hainan Province. LED kinetic ball performance, one of the highlights during this show, was also the most challenging installation on the stage.


As Digital Fun is always committed to creating the most impressive visual and mechanical performance to amaze our clients and audience, we developed a new kinetic control and visual lighting system for the launch in that empowered the stage and captivated the audience. This system is not only able to create incredible patterns, but also support real-time rendering and interactive control, which strongly enhanced the overall effect when singers like Carly Rae Jepsen performed on stage.

Audi A8L Launch Event

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