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Beijing, China

Client: OCT

At the end of 2019, Digital FUN pulled together all the efforts to the FAW-Volkswagen New Magotan launch event in Beijing, China. As the largest project of Digital FUN studio in 2019, the team structure totally upgraded for it. The digital FUN production team handled the real-time laser tracking, visual effects and video production of the nine huge screens for the Magotan’s IQ light session.

The digital FUN technical team took charge of the exterior bamboo lighting installations & laser show. In this launch event, Digital FUN studio integrated the TouchDesigner & Notch & Unreal Engine for the visual production pipeline, presented more than 10K audience members a visual feast. Moreover, we created a complicated controlling and Interaction system by combining 16 laser projectors, more than 200 LED lighting, bamboo installations, 8 DMX fans, LED light stripes, DIY Magotan’s headlights, and more. The team blended sufficient immersive elements to illustrate the meaning of light & beauty by harnessing both art & technology.

FAW- Volkswagen New MAGOTAN Lauch Event

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