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Xiamen, China

Client: Fujian Museum

“The Gratefulness of Leaves to Roots - the Oversea Chinese Dedication Exhibition” was an important exhibition held in the Fujian Provincial Museum in the autumn of 2018. By introducing optical body sensing technology the Digital FUN team subverted traditional presentation techniques. Instead of static images and text, our most leading-edge technology gave the audience an extraordinary interactive experience and sensory impact.


We used particle effects to display leaves and roots, and offered overseas Chinese natives away to connect to their motherland via new media art. When the audience touched the screen with curiosity, they would find that the surroundings were also interactive. The images of different characters were lit up to display stories about Chinese natives going out into the world and then finally back to their hometown, like falling leaves settling on roots. The project was designed, produced, developed and implemented by Digital FUN. It is also one of the few visual effects multimedia museum exhibitions in Fujian Province.

The Oversea Chinese Dedication Exhibition

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