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Shenzhen, China

Client: Stink Studio

In June and July 2023, Digital FUN studio was invited by Stink Studio to participate in the immersive showroom design for the Dior Spring/Summer product launch exhibition. We opted for a combination of gauze projection and ambient light installations, complemented by a bespoke musical design to create a complete immersive experience. The gauze served as the primary projection surface and was closely integrated with the style of Dior's Spring/Summer collection. Using lighting and projection, we conveyed the mysterious, graceful, and lightweight attributes of Dior's new seasonal products. As part of our process, we employed a pre-visualization system, allowing the client to preview the final result before the actual setup.

In this way, Digital FUN continued its commitment to delivering innovative and visually striking experiences for clients, ensuring that the final product matched their vision.

Dior Immersive Exhibition

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