FAW-Volkswagen CC Launch Event

The new generation of FAW-Volkswagen CC Launch event hosted in Shanghai on 28th, August 2018. "This is the most incredible performance I have ever seen", said by Chinese famous actor Hu Jun, who was invited as the guest in this launch. As one of the most important car launch event in 2018, our client, Volkswagen requested for an unforgettable car show, by using magnificent installation and mechanic techniques. In order to design an entirely unique show, we proposed this new design of the kinetic system, the triangle shape mirror with LED strips at the first time, which surprised our client and got approved immediately. With the rich experiences of designing this kinetic system by using TouchDesigner, we provide an impressive show for the launch night. In the end, we really appreciated WHITEvoid's design for "Day for night" that gave us lots of inspirations when designed this project and we would love to say thank you to them.